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Are you wondering how to save for retirement or how much it will cost you to put your kids through college, or probably the amount of life insurance that would be necessary to maintain the lifestyle your family is accustomed to? 

Get the answers to all these questions and any financial question at Harvey Poole Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. We are a financial services and insurance company that is fully committed to providing advice that you can always count on. Our vast experience as financial advisors coupled with our close relationship with the residents keeps customers coming thanks to our dedication to do offer consistent quality work to all customers. We are a market leader in California financial services thanks to our professionalism, experience and commitment to service excellence.

With over 20 years experience offering unparalleled service, you can count on us to deliver reliable services always. We know that sound financial planning is essential to getting the most out of life; that's why at Harvey Poole Financial and Insurance Services Inc, you can count on us to offer specialized advisory services that will help you in making important financial decisions. Even if you are stuck in debt, we have experienced professionals that will do everything in their power to help you out of this financial trap. Our debt elimination team works round the clock to devise ways of dealing with debt once and for all. We are also fully committed to helping you come up with strategies to achieve different financial goals. 

Whether you want to set goals relating to insurance planning, planning a retirement or funding a child's college education, our goal is to be the best we can in everything we do in order to move your dream closer to reality. This combined with our unparalleled customer support makes us one of the very best Ontario financial services companies.

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